Garrett lays it down well and is a pleasure to work with. I’ve played with him more than a few times now and I wholeheartedly recommend him to your project or gig.

Paul Taylor

When it comes to Garrett Body all I can say is the best. One of the finest bassist I’ve had the pleasure to work with and I’m honored and blessed to have him as my music director and even more so to be able to call him my friend. From day one he and I clicked musically. I love his dedication and sensitivity to the music. He is a phenomenal bassist and one of the nicest kindest people I’ve come to know in this business and personally Garrett is the Body that makes thing happen on the low end.

Nick Colionne

G Body is an amazing bass player with a personality that shines through his music. Regardless of the task he always rises to the occasion. His tone and note selection is what makes him an A-List player. The scary part is that he seems to get better every time I hear him. We’ve worked together many times and he is by far one of my favorite bass players.

Art Sherrod Jr.

Garrett Body is an exceptional musician, songwriter, and producer. His ear for creativity and passion for music cause him to excel. Over the years I have been proud to know him as musician, brother, and friend.

Smokie Norful

Garrett is my Music Director.  His professionalism has allowed me to be creative and focus on being an Artist!  This is definitely a blessing and a great asset to my team.

Malcolm Williams